Executive Search and Recruitment

Search and Recruitment

We pride ourselves on our search process so you can rest easy, knowing we have mapped the entire market for the best talent for your business. 

Our industry knowledge allows us to cut through experience, education and employment history to get straight to the heart of a candidate’s capabilities and cultural fit. 

We recognise that by finding and retaining the right people, your business is set up for growth and success. 


Our functional specialties include:


Our industry specialities include:

Board Appointments

The Brown & Chase team has been involved in identifying suitable people for board roles and key leadership positions across commercial, government and NFP sectors. 

We can also assist with succession planning, psychometric testing and board effectiveness.

Brown & Chase is an approved supplier under the NSW Government Talent Acquisition Scheme (TAS). The scheme offers a list of prequalified suppliers of services to source, assess and select talent for executive and non-executive roles. We can assist with Executive (ongoing or temporary employment) across Category 2A (SE Bands 1 and 2).