The Naturally Clean Co, discusses how any business can give back to their local community.

The Naturally Clean Co, discusses how any business can give back to their local community.

It’s uplifting to see a growing trend in businesses giving back to the community and the environment. This charitable movement can be seen right through the business spectrum, from big banks and retailers through to smaller restaurants and local businesses.

We’re not talking about Not-for Profit Institutions (NPIs) here, but businesses with commercial interests and philanthropic values.Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and the resources available to dedicate to their chosen cause can vary just as much.

There are two key ways in which businesses can, and are, giving back:

  1.         Money donations

Depending on the business, its values and the area it wants to impact, a donation of funds may be the most practical donation for both parties – the business as well as the receiving cause. For many NPIs, funding can be far more useful and reach further than a time donation or volunteer approach.

The biggest benefits of a money donation are that it’s easily transferred and it can be exchanged for relevant goods and services anywhere in the world. This model is probably best suited for businesses that can build it into a sustainable growth model and for those that cannot sacrifice human resources without impacting their own business.

This approach can also be completed in a variety of ways, including direct donations, rallying clients or customers to give in support of the chosen cause or even letting customers vote where the donation goes to. Whichever method is chosen, the end result is the same and the same values are upheld. Giving back is what it’s all about.

  1.         Time donations

Time really is incredibly valuable. Volunteering time either to NPIs or directly to your community can have significant results, not only from the work done but also the mutual goodwill and respect created between the business and their community.

This tool for giving back is perfect for smaller businesses with lower revenue and profits.

Beyond it being a great approach for businesses that want to give something back, some tasks just require good old fashioned people power to complete. You get much better value for money when using volunteers than trying to fund a wage for a group of people.

The Naturally Clean Co, a local cleaning business in Brisbane with a focus on the environment and giving back to the community, donate 10 minutes of every job they do to their community clean-up days. Micheil Cathcart, owner of The Naturally Clean Co, says: “Picking up rubbish is a huge manual job and is not easily accomplished by machines, you really need people to get in there and use their eyes”. As a small business with values embedded in supporting a cleaner environment, time donations to the local community are the perfect way for The Naturally Clean Co to give something back.

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that through 2012-13 volunteers donated approximately 521 million hours to their chosen causes, equating to approximately 265,600 full time equivalents. What does that equate to in dollars? Around the $17.3 billion dollar mark! Giving away your time, service or skill can have an enormous impact, especially when combined with the efforts of others.

Whether you are a small business, big business or individual with limited time and money resources, you can embrace the opportunity to give back through your own time or money donations, or by supporting businesses that go beyond the product or service they deliver and endeavour to contribute to a better world for everyone.

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