Nerissa Chaux, Managing Partner interviewed by James McCracken on "The Successful Advisor" Podcast

Nerissa Chaux, Managing Partner interviewed by James McCracken on

In this episode I interview Nerissa Chaux , co-founder and managing partner of Brown & Chase, an Australian talent acquisition & advisory firm. Somewhat to my surprise, Nerissa and her husband chose to open up their firm during the GFC – though it has been paying dividends very handsomely for them.

These days, Nerissa and her husband Efren are on a mission to change the perception of the recruitment industry for the better – and have a plan to open up offices throughout Australia, Asia and the USA.

You might enjoy seeing how Nerissa celebrates when she receives confirmation of being able to place a candidate for a role

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Brown & Chase support their clients so new recruits get the support and development they need
  • Why Nerissa & her husband threw in the towel in their high paying corporate roles to start-up a recruitment during the GFC
  • The business model Brown & Chase have used to open up 2 new offices this year
  • How they were able to capitalise on their core skills – and outsource the rest
  • How a husband and wife team were able to bring very different personalities to their business and make it work

 Listen to the Podcast Here: Why Nerissa's bet to open a recruitment firm when no one was hiring paid off big time


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